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Legal Terms of Business : AGREED (2011 - Present) for Engines on demand ltd and EnginesOD.com agreed at checkout prior to reserving any Engine solution : Legally binding between EnginesOD and its users that must be adhered too. Once a deposit has been paid to reserve the deal, it is final. BUYER REMORSE is not covered for service rendered - see discretionary options.

These Terms of Business are legally binding by reserving any engine online or over the phone (we recommend users to read the listing in full before reserving any mechanic sender company Engine or other goods) :

We are an introducer website providing the very best deals from the most hardworking and trustworthy mechanic sender companies in the UK. The prices presented reflect our most efficient platform model which save costs for all involved - especially to the user looking to get the right engine at the right price. EnginesOD are responsible only for the reserving of any engine deal presented for the mechanic sender companies with correct registration input by the buyer. Mechanic senders company is solely responsible for their engine, delivery, surcharge and warranty provided in all cases as outlined in any confirmation email to be sent. These senders are uk or europe based. Any issues must be reported to the mechanic sender using the contact details provided for them to provide a Fast & Fair solution with any genuine evidence / proof of issue provided to them by video or image. Any deal arranged using our suppliers including any separate deal re-arranged differently will not grant a deposit refund in any case as service has been rendered in helping finding an engine solution. All deals reserved and the details of each engine deal are solely the responsibility of the mechanic sender company holding the engine whom are paid in return for their requested final payment. Fitting delays DO NOT EXTEND THE WARRANTY PERIOD AGREED. Please arrange multiple fitting dates incase of courier delays with a fully qualified fitting garage. Once a deposit has been paid to reserve the deal, it is final. BUYER REMORSE is not covered.

Once a deposit has been paid to reserve the deal, it is final. BUYER REMORSE is not covered except in extreme cases. At the managers discretion it may be transferable to use towards any other engine deposit within : 2 years from the original reservation date if a proven issue occurs within the warranty term provided by the mechanic senders company. Used and reconditioned engines have from 40 days supplier warranty Upto 2 years limited at 8'000 miles unless stated otherwise on the suppliers terms of business. Warranty commences from day of reservation as some ill collect and fit same day from senders. The mechanic sender companies warranty covers wear and tear from normal road usage only. This does not include modified vehicles in anyway or engine swaps into an entirely different make or model. If the senders final payment request is unpaid after 90 days any deposit is not retrievable towards another engine solution. A guaranteed match means a matching block and head type only will be supplied as some codes may differ but are fully compatible. We are responsible only for securing the deal for any engine and confirming the senders details. This includes no liability for any issues related to any reconditioned including fitting deals secured by a deposit. If 2 day delivery England is selected and its late the difference for 5 days will be refunded £20

Upon us sending of any deal to any mechanic sender company our service has been rendered in full by our 24/7 team members usually completed in 1 working day. Any technical questions are best asked online and not by phone as phone staff can only help to place reservations for persons who cannot use a computer or any internet ready device. Listings must be read before reserving by any user. A deposit maybe refunded in exceptional circumstance * Timing and fluids along with filters must ALL be replaced on engines for any sellers warranty to be valid with fitting by a registered garage with actual proven experience of fitting the exact engine code type previously within 12 months. Any labor cost to install any engine is not recoverable. Any additional parts left on by the mechanic sender company are to be seen as free of charge and they are not covered in their warranty in any case.

If an offer of a Replacement Engine from the mechanic sender is refused by the user another sender will be allocated or the deposit sum paid is subject to a 50% service fee for services rendered - at the managers discretion. This can be dependant on staff time wasted and any certain attitudes towards staff and/or mechanic sender companies. Threats of any kind will not be tolerated. it is advised to work with the mechanic senders for a fair compromising outcome all round. Some imagery is for illustration only and are published for users to match their engine cover type to the one illustrated, mileage on any vehicle cannot be guaranteed from its often multiple previous owners by mechanic sender companies who take readings from their vehicles clocks and accept reservations based on EG the mileage content copied directly from the website listing. Any suppliers warranty on Reconditioned engines is either 90 days 6 months 1 year 1.5 years or 2 years with a limit set at 8'000 miles. They will require your last two mot certificates and will average out annual mileage to conclude if over 8'000 miles has been achieved which is the limit they will provide. You can ask them to upgrade for a fee set by them directly.

User details given upon any reservation must be correct eg the vehicle Registration for any mechanic sender to Guarantee compatibility and for them to complete delivery asap. Delays may occur if mechanic senders contacts the user without an answer.

The website Delivery options are an indication only and are based on Average timescales only, and are not Guaranteed. Any offer accepted based deals where users save yet more money will be classed as a : none priority delivery deal meaning a longer delivery time is expected especially at busier times eg public holidays and events which are out of the mechanic senders control as per the listing disclaimer. Any deposits on hold via paypal (case opened) without contacting the mechanic sender company or ourselves will mean the deal may be cancel and sold to someone else.

The website listing details are as per the mechanics availability an alternative will be found if required.

Governing Law (UK)

The client, the user and the mechanic sender company shall hold the 'introducer' (EnginesOD.com) harmless in and from all claims, liabilities, damages and detriments not arising from the introducers actual negligence or malfeasance. The client, customer and supplier irrevocably covenant, promise and agree to hold the 'introducer' harmless from and against all losses, claims, expenses, suits, damages, costs, demands or liabilities, joint or several, of whatever kind or nature that the client, customer or supplier may experience as a result of using the services of the 'introducer'.

Users - We recommend that :

We offer a Guaranteed engine match from the correct registration being entered by the user and a reservation follows from that exact result shown. Otherwise the users could buy the wrong engine type at their own doing. No parts must be altered, modified or dismantled in any way without prior permission of the 'mechanic sender company'. Failure to comply with these terms will invalidate your guarantee / warranty. In the event that a part/parts is/are supplied and prove to be incorrect or faulty upon fitting, the supplying member must be notified within 48 hours. All listing details are official and the wording must be abided to over anything else. Buyers must read and be responsible for their own actions upon agreeing to proceed with a reservation via our website. Ireland and europe wide deliveries of reconditioned engine or rebuilds require the buyer old repairable engine upfront as per the delivery option for ireland.
All engines purchased must be fitted with a new timing belt / cam belt / chain and filled with new oil upon installation. Failure to follow this PROCEDURE will result in the supplier guarantee / warranty being rendered NULL and void.
Please ensure all engines are filled with new oil upon installation.
Please ensure all goods are checked thoroughly before being signed for as refunds are not always possible for goods that have been damaged whilst in transit. The words unexamined or unchecked ON the delivery note / docket are not acceptable.
All Engines and purchased are supplied on a part(s) only basis. EnginesOD.com and members of its network are unable to accept any responsibility for labour charges incurred in the fitting or removal of parts. Nor do we accept any responsibility for vehicle hire charges or any other consequential loss.
Please note all members of the network are independent from ourselves, therefore we recommend that you make a keep telephone numbers and names of the company(s) that you receive an engine from.
Finally EnginesOD.com are unable to accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any parts or fitting services purchased via this network, or for any damage or loss that may result. If our suppliers no longer trade after they have supplied an engine with warranty then an issue occurs within the warranty period, yet they have ceased trading then unfortunately we cannot offer any warranty. It is suggested in this extremely rare scenario yet to happen scenario that we offer the same engine via a different supplier without a deposit required to reserve it at our discretion.

Privacy policy

We and our suppliers do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
The Information we collect
Like all websites we log basic information about visitor usage in order to improve what we do. This includes traffic sources and location, and also which pages you visit. If you submit a parts request we log that information so that the dismantlers and garages can make contact with you directly. They could also choose to use our system to contact you via your email. We may contact you via email to inform you of changes to our system or of any information we feel you need to know. We do not use the information for any other purpose


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